Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm A BloGgER!!

Just a few favorites from the photo shoot that Karissa Lundt took for me

This is Kenidee's Personality to a T..

And this is Jace's Personality to a T...Innocent lil guy.

My Handsome little man

Love the hair..

So when the news comes that the older sister isn't going to be around the corner much longer...even the same state due to good ol' Utah --Bloggin is the new family communication. So..here I am. Megan set this up for me and we decided to get the entire family one so we can keep in touch. I am so excited to have this for a record for my kids. Family events..pictures...all that fun stuff I can just print out and keep for them. SO...here goes my 1st "BLOG">>>
These pictures have been long over due to be put to use. What better way than to put them on my blog! Thanks Karissa my kids can help with your photo class anytime! So funny story to close up my 1st blog.....The other day Kenidee and Jace are playing and Kenidee lets out a blood curdling scream! I ask her what is wrong and I could tell her tongue was bleeding and she yells out" Jace bit my tongue!" 1st...why was her tongue in his mouth? 2nd she's already tried nursing him and now she is giving him a little more than a kiss. She still can't figure out why I didn't discipline him and I did her. After she gets out of the corner she says "Mom you're not going to do anything? Jace bit my tongue!" There's never a dull moment in this household! =) One more...geez this is addicting! Megan came over tonight for some yummy dinner and a new dessert recipe that Amanda gave me..(it was wayy good by the way:) Anyway, Megan walked in and Kenidee said to her "Megan you look so sassy today!" Megan of course laughs and says "geez where does she get this stuff!!" Kenidee said back to her "I get it at Costco!" duh!!


Melody said...

yeah! I know I kinda got on here and into it! It is cool and wholesome.. no singles allowed! No one trying to check you out to see a potential date.. just good old family values... well except for kenidee tongueing her brother, that is just plain down south lol:) I love that story! i miss you we need to figure out sometime to hang out!Take care and so happy to see pics of the kiddies!

Wilcock Family said...

HAHA! She is TOO CUTE!!!
I am soooooooooo glad you have a blog now, FUN FUN!! I will be checking in lots! Talk to you later! Love ya!

Mark and Aubrey said...

Ha! That Costco comment is hilarious. I love that you're blogging now. Erica comes home Friday and I'm way excited. By the way, I need someone for Thurs. next week. let me know if you're up to it :)

DARMEKA said...

Your blog is super cute, and those pics are great too. I've been thinking about doing this for a while but I don't know if I see myself writing blogs...anyhoo, seriously, LOL!!! Why is Kenidee so hilarious?! I can always count on her for a good "Laugh Out Loud"!

Payton's Place said...

Oh no, that is too cute. I can totally see her saying that too. Love the video of her also! Where did she come from? She's nothing like her mom at all!! ;)

Kara said...

That Kenidee is a little hoot! How in the world does she come up with the things she says? Oh yeah from costco! Yay that you're blogging! I love it!

Rachael said...

I love little girls with that spicy attitude. Its cute when they are 5 and under and not so cute after that though!