Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just want everyone to know that I don't see on a daily basis that I am having a grocery smarts class on April 2ND at 6:30 at my inlaws house. I have been successful in the grocery game as we call it and have learned how to cut my grocery bill in half by attending this class. If anyone is intersted.. anyone and everyone is welcome to come and learn how to do this. Leave a comment and let me know if you want to attend and I will give you the address for where the class will be that night. THANKS!!! You will be glad you came:)

Monday, March 9, 2009


I just want to Wish Amanda a happy birthday today! We have grown up together and have been through so much, I'm so glad we've kept in contact over the years and now that we're older I feel we appreciate eachother's friendship even more. It's been so nice to be able to keep intouch with a few of my childhood friends..So amanda I wrote this poem for you with just a few things we've done over the years....

Wow how time flys
wasn't that long ago we were doing drive bys!!(haha)
Even the ones who needed a ride
we replied..
"hope you get one"
that night we had so much fun!

I can't forget going to seminary in your old Passat
we'd head to greenvalley or breakfast and luckly we never got caught!

We'll never forget Clayton and the Mike Mcque
and how Clayton's dad was from WW2!
Thank goodness for JJ for spilling the beans
that Clayton was barely in his teens!

You'll never forget the cup that was thrown at my head
thanks for being there for me when I was mislead
You just had to run into him again
the same night someone was trying to take you for a spin!

How about Smokey and the Yellow tights cougar on the dance floor
remember we laughed that night till we were sore??

How about our MAC trips with the kids in tow
we always get in trouble for spending too much "dough"
Gotta love all the comments and looks we get
expecially when the kids throw a fit!
After MAC then to cheesecake to get our dessert the other day,
was priceless with the huge oversized stroller that was so in the way!
Its been so fun to have these motherly adventures
we'll be laughing about these trips now through the times we'll be in dentures!

Thinking of all these memories brings back such great times
I hope you have a great birthday..I'm out of rhymes!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random..and the BACHELOR

So I am making my every three month post:) I find it so hard to get on here when I have kids that are small and want my every little bit of attention..the last time I was on here I was tring to put some pictures up and I got off because they were way too quiet and low and was a hansel and gretal could tell everywhere they had been with a trail of toliot paper which led to the downstairs in the toilot the whole rest of the roll just thrown in there getting ready to plug it up and getting water everywhere!! So whats the secret ladies..stick to doing it at night when they are asleep and i'm way to tired to get all in to it with pictures and all??

Next, I have to say how stinkin cute the vocabulary is on my 4 year old...I just got done buying her some new underwear, High School Musical underwear to be exact and she tells, I'm so glad my "garmets" are high school musical its too boring to wear yours they are just white...don't you think yours are boring mom?? haha I love it.

And last... I am on Bachelor STRIKE. Why do I invest my time to this show seriously?? I now can invest all that time when the next season starts to blogging at least that goes somewhere and is beneficial:) Who agrees??

Friday, December 26, 2008


haha so I thought since I haven't blogged in forever that would be an eye-catching heading! Well there is someone pregnant BUT not me! Megan and Rish are expecting their first baby we found out on Christmas and we are all really excited! Can't wait to wear all of her clothes until she can fit into them again! (just kidding megan) anyway yay! We have cute pictures from christmas so I will save all of those when I have more time to be on here!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my kids

Since I'm treating this blog like a journal, I just wanted to say some things about my kids that they can read later when they're older. They have done some cute/funny things lately and I wanted to write it down so I can remember all of the new things Jace is doing and all the funny things Kenidee has said lately..

Kenidee- You are getting ready to start school and you are wayy to anxious, I can't believe your going to be starting pre-school tomorrow, I still look at you and can't believe you're mine! The other day we were driving and you heard that naughty song on the radio "I kissed a girl" and I hurried and turned it off. You then were figuring out how it could be a good song and you came up with this because you love your pet bunny.."mom, I know a good song" how about "I kissed my bunny" is that ok to sing?? haha I love it:) You were also so cute yesterday when we both got ready to go to a open house reception party and I didn't even realize I dressed us alike I thought just our hair was alike but you even pointed out that our pockets on our jeans were almost the same..I had to post that are soo intume with fashion it's TOO scary!

Jace-You are aso patient with your sister..even when she wants to dress you in her doll clothes as you can see in the picture above..yup you guessed it you are in a cabbage patch doll's jacket and you HATE it so that explains why you look so mad! You even started to put your hands over your ears when Kenidee starts to talk to you lol and you have started to blow kisses at me I am so in LOVE with my little man! I took two pictures of you in your church clothes and theey are only a few months apart but you can tell in the two pictures you have grown so fast from the one to the other! I am so glad with my work that I have gotten to spent so much time with you while you've been growing this past year I feel I haven't missed a thing your doing.You are such a fun baby:)

Kenidee's Birthday

This is long aver due..We had so much fun at Kenidee's birthday party. I hired a lady that brings over all of her exotic pets and she shares them with all of the kids..they can pet, touch hold whatever they like it was so awesome seeing how many kids were so fearless! She was able to bring a baby kangaroo and some cool looking snakes..some endangered iguana that lives in the rainforest and many other crazy was so cool seeing these animals up close. My friend Sara made the cutest cupcake cake with all of these little zoo animals on it she did such a great job and it was so easy to have cupcakes and not cake with little plates, forks nothin easy cleanup!The only bad thing was was the animals on the cake were edible so about 2 min. after she set the cupcake cake down a few of the animals didn't have their eyes anymore and the frosting had little finger prints on it..I had to take a picture of was kandid, typical for a little kids birthday. The party handouts were Animal crackers and a capri sun with a variety of animal hats it all turned out great thanks to everyone that came and helped us celebrate her birthday!

These other pictures were takin on her actual birthday...I took her to libby Lu in the mall and they dress them up like a character and she picked Hannah Montana..that would be why she has this crazy blonde wig on!Maybe now people will think she actually looks like me with the blonde wig on! Anyway, the workers there were so cute with her she got to pick out some things that went with the Hannah Montana theme and some cute bag with body lotions and body spray..and then they do their hair if they opt out the wig..and they do a little make-up..I had so much fun watching her get all dolled up..and then at the end they perform in front of the store and do a dance with the was so cute. Great gift to give a little girl!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I had such a FANTASTIC birthday...It is amazing how unselfish you become when you have kids. Ask me 4 years ago what I want for my birthday and the list would have looked wayayy different than this years list. All, I me seriously ALL I wanted for my birthday was to get Kenidee into a good pre-school program. It just so happened that the registration to get into the pre-school was at 7:00am on my birthday..good thing it was on the computer:) So I log in at 6:50 and get all set up to just click on the add to my cart button for the pre-school program and sure enough 7:00 hits on the dot and I hurry and type so fast and BAM I got her in!! I logged off and saw that all positions were filled and 5 were on the waiting about BARELY making it. I was just sooo happy because my birthday wish came true early that morning..the rest of the events that happened the rest of the day just added to my awesome birthday! Then the night came and Megan was the cutest thing..sisters are great and I have to say I am blessed with THE BEST SISTERS ever seriously, I can argue that with anyone who thinks they have the best sisters lol anyway, Megan comes in the BJ's which I LOVE (if you haven't eaten there contact me its so YUMMY) with the cutest/dorky though rainbow madhatters hat and had a 2o dollar bill and a 5 dollar bill on it saying I'm 25..cute huh?? This is going to be a new tradition..instead of the traveling sister hood pants we are going to have the traveling madhatters birthday hat..every year that thing is going to show up and you HAVE to wear it all night:) Then if you go to BJ's you have to eat their famous pazookie..Megan busts out with pink frosting and writes on the pazookie so its all ready to sing to if that wasn't enough we all go bowling..even my dad!! I felt so bad due to my birthday bowling bash he was hurting well I think yesterday even he said he was hurting and my birthday was almost a week ago!! Gosh I am half his age I am scared so scared to get old lol The years just keep on flashing by..time has to slow down sometime doesn't it?? I just have to say Thank you to my family for all coming out on my birthday and making it a special one for me. I do have to add that my in laws are the most thoughful people and as if one day dedicated to me isn't enough I got two birthdays literally..I walked in their house on Sunday the day after and decorated and a birthday dinner all set and ready to go..How freakin cute huh?? I am so blessed with such a great family I am so glad they are all eternally mine:)

MY biG BiRthDay- BJ's And BoWliNG...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So got word that yet another family member is moving away..far away..Jenna and Mark are moving to Nashville to finish out his law school. I came across this video of our SASSY girls and this showcases their personalities/relationship to a T.. monkey see monkey do! I am going to miss these nights of our girls entertaining us and laughing at the funny things they come up with while performing on pappas stage. I'm gonna miss this;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm A BloGgER!!

Just a few favorites from the photo shoot that Karissa Lundt took for me

This is Kenidee's Personality to a T..

And this is Jace's Personality to a T...Innocent lil guy.

My Handsome little man

Love the hair..

So when the news comes that the older sister isn't going to be around the corner much longer...even the same state due to good ol' Utah --Bloggin is the new family communication. I am. Megan set this up for me and we decided to get the entire family one so we can keep in touch. I am so excited to have this for a record for my kids. Family that fun stuff I can just print out and keep for them. goes my 1st "BLOG">>>
These pictures have been long over due to be put to use. What better way than to put them on my blog! Thanks Karissa my kids can help with your photo class anytime! So funny story to close up my 1st blog.....The other day Kenidee and Jace are playing and Kenidee lets out a blood curdling scream! I ask her what is wrong and I could tell her tongue was bleeding and she yells out" Jace bit my tongue!" 1st...why was her tongue in his mouth? 2nd she's already tried nursing him and now she is giving him a little more than a kiss. She still can't figure out why I didn't discipline him and I did her. After she gets out of the corner she says "Mom you're not going to do anything? Jace bit my tongue!" There's never a dull moment in this household! =) One more...geez this is addicting! Megan came over tonight for some yummy dinner and a new dessert recipe that Amanda gave me..(it was wayy good by the way:) Anyway, Megan walked in and Kenidee said to her "Megan you look so sassy today!" Megan of course laughs and says "geez where does she get this stuff!!" Kenidee said back to her "I get it at Costco!" duh!!