Monday, March 9, 2009


I just want to Wish Amanda a happy birthday today! We have grown up together and have been through so much, I'm so glad we've kept in contact over the years and now that we're older I feel we appreciate eachother's friendship even more. It's been so nice to be able to keep intouch with a few of my childhood friends..So amanda I wrote this poem for you with just a few things we've done over the years....

Wow how time flys
wasn't that long ago we were doing drive bys!!(haha)
Even the ones who needed a ride
we replied..
"hope you get one"
that night we had so much fun!

I can't forget going to seminary in your old Passat
we'd head to greenvalley or breakfast and luckly we never got caught!

We'll never forget Clayton and the Mike Mcque
and how Clayton's dad was from WW2!
Thank goodness for JJ for spilling the beans
that Clayton was barely in his teens!

You'll never forget the cup that was thrown at my head
thanks for being there for me when I was mislead
You just had to run into him again
the same night someone was trying to take you for a spin!

How about Smokey and the Yellow tights cougar on the dance floor
remember we laughed that night till we were sore??

How about our MAC trips with the kids in tow
we always get in trouble for spending too much "dough"
Gotta love all the comments and looks we get
expecially when the kids throw a fit!
After MAC then to cheesecake to get our dessert the other day,
was priceless with the huge oversized stroller that was so in the way!
Its been so fun to have these motherly adventures
we'll be laughing about these trips now through the times we'll be in dentures!

Thinking of all these memories brings back such great times
I hope you have a great birthday..I'm out of rhymes!


Matt & Mandy Evans said...

Thanks so much! this thing is so cute, you are so creative with everything that you do. There have been lots of fun times over the past 20 something years.. kind of crazy when you think about that... I can still remember when we were little kids, but I definetly will never live that Clayton thing down... haha Im not sure I will tell matt that we will keep it our secret.
These adventures with the kids are always crazy but I think we will look back on these as we get older, and it will seem like nothing especially when they are teenagers. Yikes
Thanks for being such a good friend, through good and bad, we still can keep laughing. I love ya girl!

Payton's Place said...

How cute are you!?
I love old memories with friends, they are the best!!!

Heather & Greg said...

THis was so cute. Totally brought back memories of our wild teen years! I will never forget how excited those boys were to be getting a ride just in time for us to ditch them. I had totally forgot about CLayton, we really had some winners, didn't we? It's okay Amanda we all have skeletons in our closet, he can be yours.

Melody said...

your a faulouso friend!

Ashley and Danny G said...

Hey girlie!! I was so excited to find your blog from Kara's - it's so great that you are doing so well! I cannot believe how big your kids are - they have grown!!

The Jarvis Family said...

Ashley!! Its the weirdest thing I have thought about you latley I have no idea why(creepy huh) lol anyway I saw someone named Ashley on Kara's blog and it wasn't you I think thats how I thought about you:) anyway how the heck are ya? You are too cute! How is your hubby's school?? How do you like where you guyus are at? Anyway, so glad to hear from you!