Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random..and the BACHELOR

So I am making my every three month post:) I find it so hard to get on here when I have kids that are small and want my every little bit of attention..the last time I was on here I was tring to put some pictures up and I got off because they were way too quiet and low and behold..it was a hansel and gretal trail..you could tell everywhere they had been with a trail of toliot paper which led to the downstairs in the toilot the whole rest of the roll just thrown in there getting ready to plug it up and getting water everywhere!! So whats the secret ladies..stick to doing it at night when they are asleep and i'm way to tired to get all in to it with pictures and all??

Next, I have to say how stinkin cute the vocabulary is on my 4 year old...I just got done buying her some new underwear, High School Musical underwear to be exact and she tells me...mom, I'm so glad my "garmets" are high school musical its too boring to wear yours they are just white...don't you think yours are boring mom?? haha I love it.

And last... I am on Bachelor STRIKE. Why do I invest my time to this show seriously?? I now can invest all that time when the next season starts to blogging at least that goes somewhere and is beneficial:) Who agrees??


Kourtney said...

You should totally get HSM garmets! haha! Kenidee is a funny one! Yeah, where have you been?? And just three little paragraphs?? Sorry sister, you're going to have to do better than that.
I just sent out the boys' b-day invitations so you should get it soon.
And BTW, there is way better crappy reality TV than the Bachelor. Waste your time on the other ones intead! haha, I do!

Payton's Place said...

Oh gosh! I would agree with Kenidee! They ARE boring!!! hahaha!
I agree with you about the Bachelor...don't even get me started on him!
...and I'm agreeing with your friend, 3 pitiful paragraphs?! Comon Jana...you can do better!!! See you in a few weeks! Oh I can't wait to be back in Vegas - I miss it so much!!! xoxo

Rob, Brooke and Caleb said...

Ha Ha I love what Kenidee said about the "garmets"!!! How funny!! I can't give tv advice because I am totally addicted, I gotta watch "my shows" every night!! But I think it's great you want to do something productive instead! I wish i had the will-power!!

The Johnson Five said...

K...that's so funny about her underwear! I love the things that kids say...I can't wait until Chloe can talk!

Matt & Mandy Evans said...

ok so I am totally with you on the bachleor thing Im tired of being totally dissappointed and mad at that show!! I saw cute malissa on dancing with the stars last night and she is adorable she will totally find someone else. The things that Kenidee says crack me up, these girls are so crazy.

Melody said...

HAHA I love hansel and gretal!! and love Kenidee's views on garments.. if I were mormon.. Id have to add maybe some jewels to it.. like a bedazzler.. yeah that would be totally hot!