Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kenidee's Birthday

This is long aver due..We had so much fun at Kenidee's birthday party. I hired a lady that brings over all of her exotic pets and she shares them with all of the kids..they can pet, touch hold whatever they like it was so awesome seeing how many kids were so fearless! She was able to bring a baby kangaroo and some cool looking snakes..some endangered iguana that lives in the rainforest and many other crazy was so cool seeing these animals up close. My friend Sara made the cutest cupcake cake with all of these little zoo animals on it she did such a great job and it was so easy to have cupcakes and not cake with little plates, forks nothin easy cleanup!The only bad thing was was the animals on the cake were edible so about 2 min. after she set the cupcake cake down a few of the animals didn't have their eyes anymore and the frosting had little finger prints on it..I had to take a picture of was kandid, typical for a little kids birthday. The party handouts were Animal crackers and a capri sun with a variety of animal hats it all turned out great thanks to everyone that came and helped us celebrate her birthday!

These other pictures were takin on her actual birthday...I took her to libby Lu in the mall and they dress them up like a character and she picked Hannah Montana..that would be why she has this crazy blonde wig on!Maybe now people will think she actually looks like me with the blonde wig on! Anyway, the workers there were so cute with her she got to pick out some things that went with the Hannah Montana theme and some cute bag with body lotions and body spray..and then they do their hair if they opt out the wig..and they do a little make-up..I had so much fun watching her get all dolled up..and then at the end they perform in front of the store and do a dance with the was so cute. Great gift to give a little girl!


Kourtney said...

Oh my gosh the pics of her in the Hannah Montana wig is SO FUNNY! I'm sure she was eatin' that up! Kenidee's so shy, I can't imagine she'd perform in a store! Yeah right! haha!
The party looked like so much fun! Bradley would've LOVED it. I think I would've been majorly freaked out with the reptiles though. I'm so bummed we couldn't make it.

Melody said...

Yeah I wish we would have come my girls had major diarrhea that weekend! Anyway She looks just like you with the blonde hair too cute!

Parker and Brittney Winder said...

your kids are gorgeous! i was looking at your pics and noticed that i own 2 of the same earrings as u (what can i say we have great taste) haha remember when u wood always say.."chips and salsa..(fart noise)" and when u and heather would do the eeore voice when you'd babysit? haha you also taught me how to speak picalatin. You would always help me and megan out with our gay drama too. i just think the world of u..i have ever since i was little. when i come up to vegas i wood love for you to do my hair! xoxo

Matt & Mandy Evans said...

It was a fun party ... the bugs were real exotic all right ( U know how I feel about them) but the kangaroo was super cute. When I get back we got to go do something so the girls can play

Christina said...

Looks like an awesome birthday! I don't think I could be in the same room with all the snakes :)